3 Guys, One Hammer from Ukraine

In 2007 there were 3 guys from Ukraine who made headlines, violently and sadistically. They were referred to as the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs and they committed violent murders that were famous worldwide. They were three teenagers who first attacked a woman the age of thirty tree; her name ws Ekaterina Ilchenk and one night when she was walking home the three guys were supposedly going for a walk when they attacked her with a hammer. Suprunyick had a hammer on him; he then moved to strike her on the side of her head. It wasn’t until the next morning that the victim’s body was found by her own mother.
On the same night the 3 guys with one hammer gang found their next, unfortunate victim named Roman Taterevich who was sleeping on a bench that wasn’t far from where the first murder took place. His was smashed with objects a few times until those who found his body couldn’t recognize who he was. Strangely enough, the murder took place across the street from the case prosecutor’s office.
The 3 guys with one hammer crew found there other victims in July of the same year. This time they found their victim in a nearby town which was called Novomoskov. They then killed three other victims not much long later. Someone who went by the name of Elena Shram was murdered. There was a tape confession from one of the killers and as he walked past her he had the hammer hiding under his shirt. He hit her two times even after she had already fallen to the ground.
After those the 3 guys with one hammer gang killed 13 more people, and it wasn’t uncommon for a few bodies to be found within the same day. All of the victims were found at random and many could easily be attacked whenever there was an opportunity. A lot of the victims consisted of women, children, senior citizens and those who were under the influence.
Most of these victims were killed by objects, not only a hammer object. Most of the strikes that were taken toward the victims were on their faces so that the three guys made them unrecognizable. There were also multiple stabs to the victim’s stomach and many of the victims had their eyes gouged out. There was one woman who was pregnant and one of the killers had actually cut her fetus out.